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  • Steampunk, alternate history, hard and soft science fiction, speculative fiction… you’ve compared, contrasted and heatedly debated the merits of all categories, which authors best represent each, and started fist fights at cons over them.
  • Heinlein, Clarke, Herbert, Asimov, Bradbury… you know these names better than you remember your high school graduating class.
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Then you’ve come to the right place! At ScienceFiction-Lit you can read reviews and articles about SF authors and their masterpieces, find lesser known jewels of sci fi, discover the back alley dealers in cities across the continent, and best of all, air your own opinions, also you will find a lot of usefull information, which can help you write my essay or book review!

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Science Fiction Artists Page – Now Live!

Okay, so it’s artist (singular) versus artists (plural) right now. View a sampling of images from Steven Sanders and find links to his pages.

Steven is an illustrator for Marvel and Image among others, and aside from wonderful comic art creates book covers, SF art book pieces, conceptual art, and all sorts of things just for his own amusement.

If you are a science fiction artist, or know one, please contact me to discuss inclusion on ScienceFiction-Lit.

The Gaean Trilogy is my all time favorite science ficiton series. I know, there is some truly outstanding competition, but John Varley’s just keeps me coming back.

In this series we are introduced to Gaea, a Stanford torus, 1300 km wide who is God to her diverse inhabitants. She is capable of designing and creating life, raining fire down upon her lands, and even resurrection. And she’s going insane.

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Bring it On! The Hugula Challenge of 2013

The Hugula Challenge has commenced! Submit reviews on your favorite Hugo and Nebula Award winners (or read some new ones!) and win!

Author Article – Isaac Asimov


This beautiful painting with the quote added is by Rowena Morrill. Visit her website at

Author Article – Arthur C Clarke

Arthur C Clarke, one of the Grand Old Men of science fiction, is likely best known for his knowledge and practical (if always futuristic) use of science in his novels.

Yet for all his life and literary scientific acumen, I feel that what set him apart as an SF writer was his ability to meld the best elements of hard and soft science fiction.

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Author – Max Brooks

Max Brooks seemed to come out of no-where with “World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War”. Who is this genius who can meld political science, class A writing, and zombie gore into arguably one of the best written books ever?

Although he hit the sci fic/horror/zombie scene with little to no warning, in fact Brooks has a rather illustrious career that includes acting, writing for SNL, and a degree in history.

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