About Me (and this site)

About Me

My name is Lisa, I’m 37 years old and I’m a SF-aholic.

I’ve been reading science fiction (along with fantasy and classics) since I was old enough to read on my own and in the quarter of a century have read more SF than just about anyone I’ve met.

I don’t claim to be an “expert” merely a huge fan who has acquired a fair body of knowledge in a subject I love.

The Content

When I decided to create an information site, there was really only one option, science fiction literature. And so, very recently conceived and born, is www.ScienceFiction-Lit.com.

Construction started late November 2012 and a rather skeletal site went live within a week.

The point of this project is to create a resource and discussion location for science fiction fans across the continent. Rather than encyclopeadic entries on authors and synopsises (synopsi?) of books, I am hoping for an ever increasing collection of articles and reviews that focus on the whys and hows, not just the whats.

Eventually there will be:

  • A forum page
  • A store for print books, ebooks, audio books and very select sf merchandise
  • Bookstore listings for every state and province
  • Pages for Science Fiction Series
  • Pages for Science Fiction sub-genres
  • “Best of” polls and pages
  • A page for more general science fiction articles
  • An events page
  • Maybe even a chat room!

But all of this takes time… so please have patience!

The Site

The site has been created with SBI! Below is why I love SBI! and what it offers me. (So far! I’m still learning every day.)

  • An outstanding training program that covers how to create and promote a website step-by-step
  • One of the best WYSIWYG editors I’ve seen in a while
  • Unbelieveable keyword and analysis tools
  • A forum that is helpful, active, and knowledgable, giving me real life advice from SBI! veterans that are doing this successfully