Dancing with Darwin by Chris Northern



Title: Dancing with Darwin
Author: Chris Northern
Published: 2013To submit your own review, click here!

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It is rare to come across a really new end of the world story, but within Chris Northern’s new book there are four takes on an idea that is, at least, new to me. In a way, these four stories read like an unfinished Thriller because there are unanswered questions. But I still found each of the four stories fulfilling enough in its way and can only hope my investment in the characters will be justified by more of the same.

Here’s the basic idea: some individual or organisation has developed and released a virus that brings on a permanent psychosis, a mental disorder, different for everyone but definitely 100% contagious. That’s right, over a fairly short period of time, everyone goes crazy. Everyone!

The results aren’t hard to guess at. It’s the end of the world by virtue of mass insanity. More complicatingly, the same ‘Mad Genius’ responsible for the virus that makes people crazy is also distributing a vaccine to a chosen few – we assume – who then can inoculate a handful of people to try and keep some kind of society going.

You would think that would be enough to make some pretty entertaining stories, and it would be, but the Mad Genius mentioned above (at least we must assume he or they are responsible) are also releasing genetically engineered monsters into the mix and all of a sudden the title, Dancing with Darwin, started to make sense to me… can humanity, insane and without the benefit of civilization, survive against the new competitor species?

I really hope we see more of these from Chris Northern, a relatively unknown indie author.

Reviewed by: Rob A.

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