The Hugula Challenge

Welcome to the 1st Annual Hugula Challenge!

The Challenge:

Read and review Hugo and Nebula “Best Novel” award winners.

The Reward:
Each successfully submitted review will earn you one entry into the Grand, Runners Up, and Thanks for Trying Prizes. (Prizes to be determined.)

The Rules:
•    Entries can be submitted by email to: or online at
•    One eligible review per novel. (You can’t review the same book 5 times)
•    Reviews must be a minimum of 250 words, original content, and not be a synopsis of the book. (Limit synopsis to a maximum of two paragraphs. Get all editorial on these!)
•    To be eligible, the novel must be in the list below. Winning novels that could be described as “fantasy” have not been included, nor winners from other categories.
•    Entrants who successfully submit reviews of every novel will receive a bonus 25 entries!